/// How to Get the Most From Your Yoga (Triangle), Pt. 2 ///

Apr 4, 2022

 by Brian Friedman
Make sure you go back and read part one, then come back here to see all the differences.
As stated previously … Redefined Yoga, teaches yoga in the safest, most effective way possible, getting you the most benefit from each and every pose. And we do this by focusing on muscles and mobility vs. momentum and flexibility.
It’s absolutely true when we say, “Flexibility is not required.”
I'll do my best to explain.
Let's take a look at today’s photo.
Look at the feet. The rear foot/leg is turned in slightly. This helps “unlock” the hips and improves mobility. The front foot has a strong arch leading to a solid foundation increasing stability.
Look at the hips. You can see they are loading in a sideways fashion … like a string being pulled back on a bow. The hips are rotating toward the long side of the mat allowing for the hips to open and giving the hamstrings a good stretch.
Look at the spine. It’s braced and well organized. That means your low back and core are getting stronger and more resilient.
Look at the shoulders. Down and away from the ears - helping to relieve tension in the neck and shoulders while improving the function of your upper back, neck, and shoulders.
The overall outcome? Gravity isn't pulling you to the ground because your muscles are engaging. The feet, the legs, the hips, the back, the core … everything is lifting away from the mat in a controlled descent vs. “dumping” everything into your front hand.
One thing the photo doesn’t show?
We teach all our online yoga classes using a step-by-step method … that way, you’re not just mindlessly burning through a bunch of poses feeling lost and confused.
Instead, you’ll move slowly and methodically … making sure you’re getting the most benefit in the safest way possible … and feeling confident because you know exactly what you’re doing.
You've got this!