/// How to Get the Most From Your Yoga (Triangle Pose), Pt. 1 ///

Mar 28, 2022

 by Brian Friedman
"How is Redefined Yoga Online different?”
It's a simple question. It’s not super easy to explain.
We teach yoga in the safest, most effective way possible, getting you the most benefit from each and every pose. And we do this by focusing on muscles and mobility vs. momentum and flexibility.
I'll do my best to show you.
Let's take a look at this photo.
It's a pose called Triangle. And the way it's being demonstrated is what you’ll see with most conventional yoga providers.
The goal of Triangle is to bring symmetry to the hips, tone the legs, tone the core, tone the glutes, and strengthen the entire spine.
Look at the feet. The rear foot is pointing toward the long end of the mat. This “locks” up the hips creating wear and tear on the hip’s ball and socket. Plus, the entire leg collapses toward the mat.
The front foot is obscured by the front hand. Hopefully, there’s a good, strong arch.
Look at the hips. There’s some pretty good side bending, however, the hips are rotating toward the ground … which ruins any chance of “opening” or “freeing” up the hips … plus it removes a nice stretch on the hamstrings.
Look at the spine. It’s not engaged. That means everything “dumps” into the front hand and robs your ability to tone and strengthen your core and back.
Look at the shoulders. They’re pressed up against the ears creating more and more stress instead of offering much-needed relief in this sensitive area.
The overall outcome? Gravity is winning because everything is loading into the front side of the mat. This takes away any chance for muscle tone, stability, and strength.
The good news?
We can fix it.
And I’ll show you in our next installment ... stay tuned :)
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