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We’ve redefined how online yoga is taught

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21 Days for $21

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We’ve redefined how online yoga is taught! 


  • Do you want the benefits of yoga, even if you’re stiff as a board?
  • Are you tired of feeling lost during confusing follow-along videos with zero instruction? 
  • Do typical yoga images of bendy, twisty, dangerous-looking poses keep you from trying yoga?
  • Does all the “woo-woo” make your eyes roll?


Fear not. 

You’ve come to the right place. 

Our unique method of yoga shows you step-by-step, in the safest way we know, to get you the benefits of yoga you crave.

We call our method Functional Yoga Instruction because it was created specifically to help you increase your functional ability through the time-tested method of yoga.


Here’s our promise to you … 



No crazy pretzel poses. 

Ours are not your typical perplexing yoga videos - we don't make you do crazy yoga poses with your leg behind your head. We do safe, effective poses leaving you feeling confident, strong, mobile, and stress-free!  Think of it as … a ton of benefits with very low risk!


No more shouting out baffling yoga terms and expecting you to understand ... or not giving any instruction at all. You get step-by-step expert instruction. You’ll feel confident knowing exactly what you’re doing! Our classes are truly beginner-friendly (for real). 

Our Own Method Of Yoga.

Functional Yoga Instruction was created by our founder, Brian Friedman.  In his own frustration with ridiculous bendy yoga poses that were tearing his body up, he created a system of yoga that focus on using your muscles instead of dangerous, bendy, stretching.  You’ll get strong, mobile, and stress-free.

No “woo-woo” zone.

Our yoga classes are smart, grounded, and pragmatic.  Our goal is to get your body healthy, strong, and mobile and your mind stress-free.  No crystals, chanting, etc. 



"It's how well you move, not how deep you stretch!

~ Brian Friedman



I'M READY To start my journey!


Yoga you can do even if you’re not flexible.  

Let’s be clear … 

Our online yoga is NOT for you if you want …

  • A sweaty workout
  • To do “impressive” yoga poses to post on social media
  • To move quickly from pose to pose (vinyasa) 
  • To bend your body and contort it into a pretzel
  • The woo-woo (chanting, crystals, etc.) 


Our online yoga IS for you if …

  • You are not flexible at all, but want to get the health benefits of yoga. 
  • You are ready to get strong and mobile in a sane and safe way. 
  • You are a beginner and want step-by-step instruction, so you know you’re doing it right. 
  • You want to experience yoga without the woo-woo. 
  • You are ready to reclaim your quality of life and health through yoga! 
  • You have been told yoga would be good for you, but you’ve been terrified to try

it's time for you to take action! 

Here's How To Get Started

join the 21 Day trial



grab your mat and follow along

enjoy the amazing benefits


21 Days for $21

Benefits of Redefined Yoga Online

Enjoying the benefits of yoga even if you're not flexible

Increasing energy so your family can rely on you


Getting strong and mobile, while undoing aches and pains so you can reclaim your quality of life


Relieving stress to keep cool under pressure

Losing weight to finally feel good again and get healthy

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21 DAys for $21


Our amazing 21 Day trial offers unlimited access to all our yoga content (On-Demand Yoga service, live streams, and replay of live streams).  See for yourself how we've redefined online yoga: truly beginner-friendly classes, step-by-step instructions, and our own method of yoga called Functional Yoga Instruction (Yoga For Your Improvement).  There's nothing else out there like it!  Give it a try to become a part of our mission to redefine online yoga! 


21 Days for $21

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