How To Make Your Resolutions Stick

Jan 11, 2022

 by Brian Friedman

What Is A New Year's Resolution And Why Do We Make Them?

A New Year’s Resolution is a tradition of making a commitment to oneself at the beginning of the new year.
In other words, it is a personal goal you set for yourself.
There are many reasons why we make these resolutions.
The most common reason?
People want to change their lives in some way or another and give themselves a fresh start by setting out on a new path and committing to it.
Some people make resolutions because they want to be healthier and live more balanced lives, while others may want to spend less time with their digital screens and spend more time with friends and family members.
We also see an increase in people who wish they spent less time worrying about things outside of their control like politics or world events.

Why Resolutions Fail ...

New Year's resolutions often fail because we set unrealistic goals for ourselves. We set goals which are too lofty, too distracting, or that don't address an important issue in our life.

How To Stick To Your New Year's Resolution … This Time Around

I am going to give you a list of all the things you need to do in order to have a successful start to your new year.
1. You need to know exactly what your goal is for this new year and what steps you need to take in order to fulfill it. "Losing weight" lacks specificity. "10 pounds" is much more clear and more measurable. 
2. You need to find out all the things stopping you from achieving it and find a way around it. 
3. You need to make sure when making any decision during this new year, you think about how it will help you fulfill your goal instead of thinking about the consequences of this decision on other parts of your life.
4. You need to write it down and keep your goal in front of you. It has been said, “Write down your goals … otherwise, they will just remain dreams.”
5. You need to break it down into smaller pieces to avoid overwhelm. If your goal is to lose 10 pounds ... begin with losing 2 pounds and gradually build from there.
6. You need to avoid excuses. Excuses begin popping up when we make positive changes to our lives … “I don’t have the time” … “It’s too expensive” … “I’ll do it later” … in the immortal words of Jocko Willink, “Your excuses are lies.”
We all know setting goals is important, but not many of us actually do it.
And that’s because one of the most common excuses for not setting a goal is that we don’t have enough time or motivation to do so.
However, if we take the time to make a plan, and figure out what steps are needed in order for us to achieve our goal - we can stay motivated and on track to achieving our goals.
And that’s exactly what we do with our online VIPs at Redefined Yoga.
We work together, step-by-step, to make your goals achievable.
And we do it in a safe and sane way … helping keep you on track with accountability in a non-judgmental way.

Take Action.

Although it can feel impossible to make positive changes to your lifestyle, with a few easy steps, you can make it happen.
Now you’ve got a proven strategy to help get you there.
And if you ever feel stuck or if you want a more “done-for-you” approach … teaching you the exact steps to deliver the quality of life you crave, check out our amazing online offerings.
You've got this!