How to Get the Most From Your Yoga (Warrior 2), Pt. 2

Mar 15, 2022

 by Brian Friedman



Did you see the first installment? Make sure you go back and read part one, then come back here to see all the differences.


As stated previously, at Redefined Yoga Online, we teach yoga in the safest, most effective way possible, getting you the most benefit from each and every pose. And we do this by focusing on muscles and mobility vs. momentum and flexibility.


We mean it when we say, “Flexibility is not required.”


I'll do my best to explain.


Let's take a look at today’s photo.


It's a pose called Warrior 2. The way it's being demonstrated can be very different from what you’ll find in the realm of typical yoga providers.


The goal of Warrior 2 is to bring symmetry to the hips, tone the legs, tone the core, tone the glutes, tone the arms, and strengthen habits of good posture.


The photo shows:


A good, solid stance that is wide enough… it’s an excellent base from which to build the pose and keep you safe.


Unfortunately, the feet were cropped out … but both feet express nice arches indicating a firm foundation.


The front leg is positioned correctly with the knee above (or just slightly behind the ankle). This allows for greater sturdiness and less agitation on one’s knee.


The hips are even and rotated slightly toward the long side of the mat. This adds to the steadiness of the pose and allows the spine to remain long and ...


it sets the stage for the inner thighs being "stretched", both glutes being activated and the entire body to be toned.


Lastly, you'll notice that the "energy" is shifting vertically, allowing the effort to be spread out and shared by the entire body. This leads to a bigger calorie burn, more muscle activation, a safe and solid stance … all of which create less wear-and-tear on the joints.


Yes … the rear arm could be raised slightly for the sake of muscle activation and symmetry … but that’s why it’s called yoga practice … not yoga perfect ;)


One thing the photo doesn’t show?


We teach all of our online yoga classes using a step-by-step method … that way, you’re not just mindlessly burning through a bunch of poses feeling lost and confused.


Instead, you’ll move slowly and methodically … making sure you’re getting the most benefit in the safest way possible … and feeling confident because you know exactly what you’re doing.


You've got this!