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Her health was declining and she was scared she would not be able to enjoy her new life in New York.

Liz recently moved to her dream location, New York City.  

She loves going to the beach, dancing the night away, and going for long walks through the city.  She was so excited about this new life,  but was struggling because she had gained weight, had no energy, and was struggling with climbing up the stairs and her long walks through the city.

She wanted to savor her new life, but the quality of health was keeping her from truly enjoying it.

Liz came to our brick-and-mortar studio many years ago and when she saw we were now offering our services online she immediately reached out to us.

She had gone to other yoga studios and said they were doing a bunch of crazy poses and she could not keep up.  We were the only yoga that she trusted to be safe AND get results.

After starting the Redefined Yoga program, she noticed she could walk easier with more stamina and less pain, climb upstairs with ease, and eventually do dance moves that she did in her 20s! 

Friends and family who had not seen her in a while said she looked amazing and she was glowing.

Liz said, "Brian and Karen are the only people I trust for safe, quality yoga and my health." 

nell: redefined yoga online makes her feel safe and confident

I really wondered if this was "safe" and if my "strength" would improve. 

After working with Brian once a week [via ZOOM] for strength training and two online yoga classes a week, I went from not being able to get something out of a cabinet, washing the dishes with pain, and losing my balance putting on my pants.

To being able to lift my arms up overhead to get dishes out of the cabinet, put pants on without losing balance, and wash my dishes without pain.
I know this may not seem like a big deal, but it is HUGE for me! 
My back muscles are stronger. I’m more flexible and my balance has improved beyond my expectations.
The benefits keep coming. I feel welcomed and accepted by Redefined Yoga Online. I feel so much encouragement. I feel peaceful and calm.

Positive words are so important for improving my confidence.

At Redefined Yoga, I always hear phrases such as, “don’t push to pain,” “your technique is more important than how deep the pose is,” and “pat yourself on the back for showing up to yoga.” I have a better outlook on life because of Redefined Yoga Online.

I’m so thankful for Brian and Karen! 

susan: she gained the strength to stop her migraine headaches

I made the commitment to feeling healthier, then I went online and did some research for yoga where I could find instructors who would take the time to explain the moves and poses.  

I didn’t want to do yoga that expected participants to know everything walking in the first time. 

The benefits have been so many. I’ve been a lifelong migraine sufferer, and since joining Redefined Yoga I’ve learned how to work my muscles and joints to help relieve the stress that triggers my headaches.

My posture has really improved. I find myself standing more upright with my shoulders down instead of pulled up toward my ears. I’m sleeping better, too!

What do I like most about Redefined Yoga?

Brian and karen, without a doubt. They truly care about the students, and they make sure we are all in a good place mentally and physically when we’re in class.

There is no judgment nor criticism, just great people helping others to learn how to be healthy in a safe way.

No matter what frame of mind I’m in when I take a yoga class, I always feel great when I fininsh.

So, jump over to the Redefined Yoga side. It took me a while to get there myself, but I’m so glad I did. 

I feel stronger, healthier, and more knowledgeable about how to work with my own body to stay that way.

Redefined Yoga is awesome!

sandra: the gym didn't work for her, but redefined yoga did

I had been going to a big box gym for several years and met with a trainer once per week. I spent a lot of money on training sessions and I was getting the opposite results that I was looking for. When I saw this happening, I realized I was throwing my money away. So, I decided to search for a yoga studio in the area. I wanted to do lower impact exercise that incorporated more stretching.

That’s when I found Redefined Yoga. Although I was a little nervous during my first class, it was such a positive experience that I knew this was exactly where I wanted to be. I signed up for a membership right away and started taking classes twice per week. Within a couple of weeks, I was no longer taking Advil or Aleve every day for my neck, back, and shoulder pain. I sleep great at night and I can move my neck without pain. My knees no longer hurt, and I can walk upstairs without holding onto the rail. Even the upper back/shoulder pain that I had for years was gone. I am amazed!

Feeling good affects every aspect of your life, and I’m much happier and have a better outlook on life now because my stress level is lower. I can take longer walks and chase my dog up and down the stairs when we are playing.

I can have a very stressful day at work and after a yoga class, I feel completely centered, calm, and ready for the next day. Brian and Karen truly care about every person. They want to make sure I’m reaching the goals that I have set for myself, so they check in to see how I’m doing and offer help in any way they can. 

I’m so happy I made the investment in myself, my health, and my future. Give Redefined Yoga a try. Believe in yourself and know that you can do this.

June: no pain gave her so much gain


My posture changed in about six months since I started at Redefined Yoga.

And the best part was at my last check-up when my doctor said, ‘You’re not shrinking! You’re doing good.’

I was so excited to hear such great news.

Then she asked me, ‘What are you doing?’ I said, ‘I’m doing yoga with Redefined Yoga.’ That’s when my doctor said, ‘That’s the best thing!’

Redefined Yoga is so different because they care.

They care about people.

At Redefined Yoga, there’s no pain. The best thing is that my back is so much better.

I was bedridden for three months from lifting weights.

No more weights.

My yoga hour is mine. Every time I hear about somebody who needs help, I tell them about Redefined Yoga Oline. But they always have an excuse.

To that, I say, ‘Don’t let anything stop you, because it will be the best decision you’ve ever made.’

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