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Instant Access to over 150 excellent videos for:

  • Beginner's Yoga 
  • Gentle Beginner's Yoga 
  • Intermediate Yoga 
  • Joint Mobility
  • Qigong
  • Power Yoga
  • SAFE Stretch 
  • Restorative Yoga 
  • Yin Yoga 
  • Yin/Yang Yoga 
  • Yoga Nidra

New videos are uploaded regularly! 

Can be canceled at any time.  


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"Best investment made in the last year.  Being able to do a class anytime (i.e. between conference calls or at lunch) and having the ability to do Yin after my workday is over has been huge.  My body feels so much freer!  Thank you for offering it this way!"


What you get with your on-line yoga membership

Expert Instruction

 We do not just shout out yoga poses.  We offer step-by-step instruction, so you know whether or not you are doing the pose correctly.  

Move Slowly

Our inward, slow focus will keep you safe by emphasizing alignment and moving properly… Not Deep Stretching. No pretzel poses here and no worries about moving so fast that you can't keep up with the video. This mindful slow, inward focus will leave you feeling stress-free and refreshed every time you come to the mat! 

Smart Practice

Our yoga classes are an intelligent choice that follows the core of what we believe in WGY: "It's how well you move, not how deep you stretch."  Our goal is to get you mobile, strong, and flexible in a safe, smart way.   

"Brian's on-line videos are really super. So easy to follow along with ... Brian does such a super job with instruction via video. "


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