Motivation (How To Crack The Code)

Jan 17, 2022

 by Brian Friedman
The topic of motivation comes up a lot with my online clients and students.
It makes sense because positive changes - - any change - - can trip up your mind and your emotions. But ...
I've found a way that can help you succeed.
Shall I show you now?
Answer honestly ... Do you really want it?
If your answer was anything less than "H*ll Yes!" ... you may need to examine your goals and choose something else. Although reading this post may help you understand why you're not there yet.
If you gave a resounding "YES!" - - let’s take a look at the evolution of motivation. It’s something I picked up from Sean Phillips’ book, Strength For Life.
  • I gotta…
  • I want to…
  • I enjoy…
  • I…
“I gotta…” is the first step in motivation and it is the weakest source of motivation. It comes from obligation and therefore won’t last long.
If you catch yourself saying things like, “I gotta start doing yoga” or “I gotta start eating right”… stop yourself and immediately switch to…
“I want to…” is the second step in motivation and I believe it is the strongest source because it comes from your desire to do something.
If you catch yourself saying “I want to start doing yoga” or “I want to start eating right”… do your best to make it happen. If you want it -really want it- you’ll find a way to make it happen.
“I enjoy…” is the third step in motivation and one step away from mastery. Think about doing stuff you enjoy.
Nobody can stop you from doing those things. If you enjoy watching "The Expanse" how successful would someone be if they told you to stop?
If you want your motivation to stick, make sure you say things like “I enjoy doing yoga” or “I enjoy eating healthy”.
“I…” is the level of mastery.
Motivation no longer exists because this is just something you do.
It is a part of your everyday living.
When you’ve achieved mastery, you say things like, “I practice yoga” and “I eat healthily”…. it’s just who you are.
Think of it as shifting gears in your car:
1st gear (I gotta…) might get you rolling, but you won’t get far
2nd gear (I want to…) will definitely get you farther than you thought, but your engine may burn out before you get there
3rd gear (I enjoy…) you’ll get farther still, and it’s probably easier on your engine… but there’s still room to grow
4th gear (I…) you can go great distances for extended periods of time in 4th gear. It’s the same for your level of motivation.
You've got this!